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A project with history


My name is Ferran and i would like to welcome you to "VALÈNCIA EN DIAPOSITIVES".
Currently i am a graphic and webs designer as a freelancer. You could wonder what it has that to do with this web. Let me try tell you how did everything.

This story started in the year 1978 when along Vicent, a good friend, we decided to begin this project because we had always felt one special sensitivility for everything concerning the general cultural heritage and the Valencian specially.

Our target was to disclose the architectural heritage of the city all the valencian@s as an esencial tool of our cultural identity. In those years, there were ignorance of the same at the general level of the population, just only we find very specific publications of the colletives expertise as the College of Architects, books of history and art schools or universities… In addition, the internet and another digital media were in the beginning it was difficult to have quick access and easy way to knowledge of our heritage.

For this purpose and once the work is finished photo, paper from the samples of 61 selected monuments, such as the working the technical sheets of each of them, it would be known through training sessions or meetings to any collective that asked for it (schools, cultural associations, universities, "fallas", town halls... The media that we would use it could be the printing brochures and slides projections that would engage in a lively discussion between event visitors.

The work was a laborious task and it was a great effort of research and synthesis. I repeat that in those times there was not Internet and documentation on the architectural heritage of the city was small, not accessible to people not specialist like us, however we obtained just get a travel guide plane of the València College of Architects and with the book "La Ciutat de València" by Manuel Sanchis Guarner it was a great help to organize chronologically the tabs of each building and/or Monument.

Our tools were:


Make by the architects of the Historical Archive of Julian Esteban Chapapria and José Luis Ros Andreu of the College of Architects of València and Murcia, July 1978 currently discontinued.


"Síntesi d'Història i de Geografía Urbana" by the teacher Manuel Sanchis Guarner in its 3rd Edition, 1981 who was published "l'Excm. Ajuntament de València".


Film of Camera 12, 24 or 36 photos. This system is not allowed as digital of our days, to look at the moment the photo to accept or reject it, therefore we could not repeat the photo but we should expect to see the result 7/10 days later, after that the photographic laboratory developed the negatives. Until not achieve that the image was in the aceptables quality parameters: good light, desired framing......many times we could not continue and we turned again to take the photo. Then the laboratory was going to slide.


For quick viewing.


Slides professional projector brand Voigtländer VP 200AF porters for 30, 36 or 50 slides.


Manual book "200 consejos prácticos" by Emile Voogel and Peter Keyzer of editorial Parramón.


To project the slides in 200x200cm from IGGual PSITS200 model.

First of all, it was to draw up a tab with the story and characteristics of the monument and to capture each selected building.
When in 1981 the project with slides and the tabs of each monument were almost finished, we had to stop the work by family and work reasons.

After some years I get back from the hand of my daughter Isabel Albert (Architect) now that there are a great information about our heritage, but it is a duty to myself to finish the task started. Actually internet, mobile phones... have allowed to perform this website and show the work and my city all over the world.

It has been more than 40 years and the city of València has been quick changed and a lot of major restorations, repairs, fittings… so I have believed interesting photograph again each building to compare (tab-web: How were/are) and to display over the years (1978-2018). In addition you have two maps (web tab: internal map and external map) where you can look at the monuments for which it will be easy to go on visit them. I HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY.