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1978 - 2018

We have got 61 chosen monuments according to our evaluation of each century most important and/or relevant.
How to view "AS THEY WERE-HOW ARE":   1.- Choose on time stage (from the Arab Time until the 20th century).  2.- The listed choose the one you want.  3.- When you click the tab is displayed the history and the photo "AS THEY WERE" (1978)  4.- When you click on view photo 2018 will be open 2 photographs: the photo “AS THEY WERE”, and the picture of HOW ARE taken from the same angle as the slide of 1978, in order to see changes in time.

It is also provides information about location and code QR with coordinates, adress and a small overview of its history. Sometimes when I went to perfom the current photo I found that some of monuments were covered by trees and/or another elements that not allowed the partial or total view I like to apologise.
I ask the institutions and/or responsible to remove these elements and barriers because they can not be seen facades, volume buildings, or monuments. In addition, please do not dirty or damaged placing flyers with indications (times.....) with sticky tape or pins on the same electrical cables, traffic signs etc.


I'm Here
Calle de Visitación-Llano de Zaidia
Coordinates: 39°28'58.4"N 0°22'38.2"W


The origin of the "Arc de la Torreta" is in fact remains of the gateway of a farm or house next to a old flour mill which was neighboring district of "Les Tendetes".

In 1960 (XX c.) was demolished and it was decided to move the arch this place ("Calle Visitation" street, on the plain of Zaidia-València).

The arch, crenellated of Mudejar influence, is composed of three centers, of more than four meters high, red brick-face view- with a lot of tendel, the co rnice is formed by several rows of bricks with a edge at the center of it, and four battlements and rectangular elevations with pyramidal top, "islamohispanica" tradition, over your "rectum extrados".

There are also some stones of mill, remind its ancient origin.The "Arc de la Torreta" is one of the few vestiges arabs preserved in València.
(Source: "Guia de Arquitectura de Valencia" CTAV 2010 and others)

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